Reach localFashion-Forward Shoppers on the public digital screens that they see every day.
Fashion-Forward Shoppers
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About Digital Out-of-home

Traditional out-of-home advertising has always allowed you to reach your customers as they go about their business in public — on billboards, at transit hubs, and at sporting events, for example. Digital out-of-home offers the same opportunity to reach your audience when you have their undivided attention, and it’s offered on screens both large (think highway screens) and small (like digital screens at gas pumps).

What are the advantages? Digital out-of-home advertising is available at lower rates than traditional out-of-home media, and with a more dynamic and easily implemented format. And, digital out- of-home advertising avoids many of the obstacles that can be challenging in the online marketing world, like less desirable page placements and ad blockers. The best part? Addy makes purchasing digital-out-of-home advertising easy and affordable.

About Fashion-Forward Shoppers

Fashionistas take great pride in their personal style, mixing and matching brands to create a unique look. They stay up-to-date on the latest trends and are often the first among their friends to sport a new style.


Depending on what types of screens are available in the area you choose, your ad will display in the following kinds of locations:
  • Billboards of various sizes in high-traffic areas
  • Taxi tops and in-ride screens in taxis, Lyfts, and Ubers
  • On screens in pedestrian common areas at malls such as information kiosks and escalators
  • At colleges and universities in areas like dining halls, dorm common spaces, gyms, bookstores, and lounge areas
  • On digital screens at the checkout points at grocery retailers
  • On screens at wellness retail establishments
  • On in-bus entertainment screens and on digital bus shelter screens
  • At airports on kiosk screens in lounges, concourses, and at baggage-claim areas
  • At train, bus, and subway station kiosks
  • On entertainment screens in gyms at focal points near equipment, juice bars, etc.
  • On the screens of fitness equipment at gyms, including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and steppers
  • On entertainment screens in high-visibility areas of salons, barbershops, and nail salons
  • On entertainment screens in waiting areas at DMV and driver’s license offices
  • On screens in elevators and office building lobbies
  • On digital screens at liquor stores
  • On pump-station screens at fuel retailers


Digital Out-of-Home campaigns require four sizes:
1920w x 1080h, 1080w x 1920h,
1400w x 400h, 1280w x 960h,
File Formats
JPG, max file size 10MB
Static color space: RGB & CMYK


Interested in a DOOH campaign that’s tailored to your specific marketing needs? Your Addy Advisor can tell you all about the customization options available for larger volume campaigns.
Custom campaigns start at $2,500.

Need help creating a digital out-of-home campaign?

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