Now on Addy:
A powerful new online advertising option!

AdFreeway is a groundbreaking new solution that measurably improves online advertising performance, using a proprietary process that engages consumers with your ads like never before. The result: AdFreeway ads consistently deliver 2x to 4x more results than typical banner ad campaigns.

What’s different about AdFreeway campaigns?

To begin with, you won’t have one ad in your campaign—you’ll have three!

Your three ads go out across the internet to reach the type of consumers you’ve elected to target for your campaign. Fitness Enthusiasts? Foodies? Culture-lovers? Those consumers will indicate whether your ad appeals to them with a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down vote. That instant feedback powers the AdFreeway engine to optimize your campaign.  

Not all Fitness Enthusiasts are alike.

Some consumers will like one version of your ad while others will like another. As the campaign quickly learns these consumer-type preferences, the right ads are more precisely delivered to the right types of people—and ads that people like are ads that people click!

Why will people “vote” on ads?

This is the groundbreaking part: consumers get paid to vote (but not by you). People who see these voting-style ads are prompted to create AdFreeway accounts where they earn real money just for helping marketers like you. The more ads they vote on, the more they earn, and the more they help ad campaigns like yours get smarter and work better.

Great results. Even better karma!

We’re all aware that the big search and social media companies are monitoring our online behavior and using it to sell targeted advertising. Only AdFreeway allows consumers to be knowing, willing partners in this process and actually pays them for their participation. So when your ad appears with an AdFreeway voting opportunity, consumers associate your company with this new, more fair way of advertising—and also with the money you just helped them earn!

Ready to start?

It’s easy. Simply choose the AdFreeway-powered audience type you want to reach and the market(s) you want to reach them in on Addy. Then decide how many times you want your ad shown and when you’d like your 30-day campaign to start. Addy handles the rest. 

Each week, we’ll send you a summary of the results so you can track how your campaign is performing. You’ll see how many impressions, votes and clicks each version of your ad is generating - and watch as AdFreeway’s consumer voting improves your campaign performance. 


"How will AdFreeway improve the performance of my campaign?"

AdFreeway is designed to improve engagement with your ads. You may experience an uptick in click through rates but more importantly you’ll notice lower bounce rates and longer session times on your website as your ads engage with people who are actually interested in what you’ve advertised!

“How different will these versions of my ad look?"

The process works best when one or more of the following elements are altered in each version: color, copy, or composition. The design variations will be determined by the basic elements of the ad that you provide—but they will all be consistent with your brand identity.

“Do votes on my ads count as ad clicks?”

No, a click on one of the vote icons does not count as a click on your ad. Only clicks on the body of your ad which brings people to your website count as clicks. However, the extra few moments when someone is looking at your ad and deciding how they want to vote is valuable extra exposure for you.

“Will I be able to see which version of my ad is working best?”

Yes! The voting results for your ads are part of the reporting you’ll see. Keep in mind that the goal is not to determine one winner: it’s all about getting the right version in front of the type of consumer who is more likely to respond to it.

“Will I be able to see my daily campaign results on Addy?”

Not yet, but soon. Addy is still working on a full integration with the AdFreeway platform. So for now, you’ll receive a performance report at the end of each week via email and then a complete report at the end of your campaign. Once our integration is complete, you’ll be able to access daily reporting on Addy.