What is an Addy Advisor?

Addy Advisor (n): One of the helpful team of folks at Addy HQ
who are focused on helping you make marketing magic.

Does everyone get one?

When you place your first order, an Addy Advisor will email you to say hello and let you know they’re available to help with questions or assist with anything you might need (or not, if you’re the go-it-alone type). If you’ve got questions or concerns before you place an order, just email
client-services@addy.co—an Addy Advisor
will be in touch right away.

Here’s what an Addy advisor can do for you before  you buy
an ad:

Answer questions about any of the media types on Addy.

We know that, especially as a first-time Addy user, you’ve likely got your eye on a new kind of media and you may have some questions. Curious about how digital out-of-home ads work in your city? Wondering which magazine will help you reach new parents? Questions about what kind of artwork you’ll need? Your Addy advisor will get you the answers you need.

Help you get the most from your Addy account.

Addy is a whole new way to buy media, and it probably looks unfamiliar to marketers used to old-fashioned sales-based systems. Your advisor can help you learn the ropes: how to set up an account, how to use our Find Your People tool to find your desired audience, and how to research the pros and cons of all our media types, for example.

Work with you to estimate your expenses.

If you’re considering a campaign that spans several months and different kinds of media, it’s super helpful to have all the information in one place for easy review. Your Addy Advisor can work with you to create a media plan, let you know exactly what you can expect to spend, and even help you tweak your plan to suit your resources.


Oh, and keep an eye on your mailbox! Your Addy Advisor may send you an occasional gift :-)

Here’s what your Addy advisor can do for you after  you buy your ads on Addy:

Keep you posted on the Addy process.

Your advisor is with you every step of the way. Once you’ve placed an order on Addy, we work directly with the publishers to get your campaign out into the world. Your Addy Advisor remains your point-person the whole way through and we’ll never hand you off. We’ll reach out to remind you about artwork submission deadlines and then keep you posted on the exciting milestones—like when your magazine checking copies are shipped, your online campaign is launched, your direct mail postcards are sent, or your TV ads start running, for example.

Lend a hand with submitting your artwork.

Addy makes artwork submission a breeze : you simply upload your ad directly to your account and save it there for future campaigns. But sometimes you’ll need to resize your ad, or save it in a format you’re unfamiliar with, for example. Your Addy advisor can translate any unfamiliar production lingo and help you get it done.

Guide you through artwork creation.

Don’t have an ad designed and ready to go? Addy can do that for you, quickly and affordably, using elements that you already have on hand. We’ll connect you with a design specialist on our team who will work with you to be sure that you love the final product.

Keep you in the loop.

Even after your campaign ends, you can expect your Addy Advisor to reach out from time to time when they see an interesting opportunity for your business. You’ll get a heads up about cool new media products, promotions, and deadlines that pertain to the media you like to use.

Still have questions?
Take it straight to the source and email an Addy Advisor!