Direct-mail advertising to specific neighborhoods, also known as every-door-direct mail or EDDM, allows you to send postcards directly to all the households (and businesses if you like) in a chosen area. It can be a very reliable way to reach consumers when they are not looking at a screen.

Advantages of Direct-Mail Advertising

Very targeted

Every-door-direct mail lets you send postcards to the residents in specific postal delivery areas. These are the actual routes that an individual postal worker delivers to, so they are often much smaller areas than even a zip code.

Mail gets attention

There’s a reason so many marketers are returning to direct mail and why your mailbox is so full with marketing messages these days: printed mail pieces are hard to ignore, so they tend to be effective.


You’ll notice that much of the promotional mail you receive includes a special offer or specific call-to-action. Enticing recipients to bring the mailer to a retail location or to a website to use a discount code allows responses to be tracked.

Extended life

Attractive postcards, especially ones with a special offer, are convenient for consumers to hold on to, especially if they are interested in the service or product for a later date.

Full-home exposure

Unlike online ads which are delivered to one person on a personal screen, direct mail tends to be seen by more than one person in each household. That means more opportunities to make a meaningful impression with the right consumer in that home.

Drawbacks to Direct-Mail Advertising

Lack of context

Ads that appear within branded media— like television or magazines— benefit from surrounding editorial and from their association with that media brand. Direct mail doesn’t offer that. If brand-building is your marketing goal, this kind of advertising will require you to achieve that all on your own.

Production matters

Make sure to have a clear marketing message and an enticing visual design worked out before jumping into direct mail. Poorly designed or unclearly written pieces will be considered “junk mail” and won’t make it far past the mailbox.

Relatively expensive

Direct mail is certainly not one of the cheapest ways to advertise on a cost-per-person basis. Postage, printing, and paper add up to real costs for a direct mail campaign. If cost is a primary factor, digital marketing might be a better option to explore.

Direct-Mail Advertising Is Good For...

Marketing a specific promotion or event

Getting a message to a very specific local market

Tracking responses to your message

Bringing potential customers to your website

Reaching more than one consumer with your ad

Direct-Mail Advertising on Addy

Addy makes it easy and affordable to buy and launch your every-door-direct mail campaign right from your desk.

Why Use Addy for Direct-Mail Advertising?


Select the neighborhoods you want to reach, decide when you’d like your postcard to reach them, and Addy does the rest. No need to set foot in a post office or deal with a printing service.

High-quality mailers

Addy offers large, 6” x 8.5” postcards printed in full color on heavyweight, matte-finish stock.


Addy lets you see the all-inclusive costs of your proposed direct mail campaign instantly, and you even earn discounts on higher volume campaigns.

Ad design help

Need your creative assets composed into an eye-catching direct-mail piece? No problem. Addy can help you get your mailer designed quickly and affordably. Here’s how it works.


Your Addy Advisor is always standing by to help you figure out how to make the most of your direct-mail campaign.