Advertising on television, specifically on local news programs, gives small marketers access to a loyal local audience, dynamic messaging, and brand credibility.

Advantages of Local Television News Advertising

A committed audience

Viewers of local news tend to be committed to their particular stations and news anchors, and to watch the same newscast each day. When a commercial airs over multiple days, these same attentive viewers are likely to see it several times.

Brand building

Local news programs and news teams are seen as established, trustworthy sources of information to viewers—and some of that hard-won credibility is shared with the advertisers who appear on these programs. Plus, consumers tend to regard businesses with television ads as more established and credible.

Multiple viewers

In contrast to personal screen advertising like online ads or social media, television advertising is likely to be seen by more than one person in a household, business, or public space each time the ad airs.

Engaging ad content

With television advertising, you have a chance to create an eye-catching, multi-sensory message. The addition of sound and movement to your advertisement allows opportunities for enhanced brand-building and audience engagement.

Hard to miss

When a TV commercial is aired, it’s the only thing on the screen so it gets 100% of the viewer’s attention. Plus, local news is rarely recorded to be watched later—it’s almost always watched live, so viewers are not able to skip the ads the way they are more likely to do with recorded television.

Drawbacks to Local Television News Advertising

Broad audience

Television news advertising reaches a broad spectrum of consumers across ages, genders, incomes, and consumer interests. Other advertising options are more effective at reaching a more narrowly targeted audience.

Production hurdles

Producing an effective television commercial is typically more difficult and expensive than creating an ad for the other types of media that also reach a broad audience, like out-of-home or even radio.

Hit or miss

A consumer either sees a live TV commercial when it airs or they don’t. And unlike media like magazines or direct mail, there usually isn’t a way to go back and see the ad again if you missed it the first time. TV marketers find they need to run their commercials with frequency to be sure they increase the odds of being seen and remembered.

Tricky context

Advertising on news programs sometimes means appearing on the screen in close proximity to bad news or unpleasant stories. While consumers are pretty good at distinguishing between the news and the ads, that context can sometimes hurt the effectiveness of a commercial.

Local Television Advertising Is Good For…

Building a brand with a repeated message

Reaching lots of people at once

Reaching an audience with wide demographics

Creating an engaging, memorable message

Local Television Advertising on Addy

Addy offers 30-second television spots in five-day-a-week bundles on the morning and midday news shows on local television stations around the United States. 

Why Use Addy for Local Television Advertising?

Fast and easy

With Addy, you simply pick the news program you prefer, and choose which week you’d like to have your commercial on the air. There are no complicated contracts or long-term commitments—you can buy as few as five days of airtime, or you can run your ad for months.

Affordable commercial creation

Don’t have a television ad ready to go? Not a problem: we can help you produce a professional commercial in a matter of hours at a fraction of the typical production costs. Here’s how it works.

Proof of performance

You’ll receive a campaign summary within days of your ad airing.


Your Addy Advisor is always standing by to help you figure out whether TV advertising is right for you and how to make the most of your television campaign.