Magazine advertising is an effective way to put your marketing message in the hands of readers with a keen interest in the content they are consuming.

Advantages of Magazine Advertising

A rapt audience

A magazine ad gets your message in front of a self-selected, highly engaged consumer. Unlike some other media, magazines are carefully chosen by their readers (especially subscribers), so the time they spend with their favorite publications tends to be focused and enjoyable. 

Brand building

Established magazines have earned a trusted reputation and authority, and they share some of that hard-earned prestige with the advertisers who appear on their pages. Readers often assign more credibility to the magazine ads they encounter in these environments.

Ads are part of the experience

In some media, ads can be perceived as obstacles to be avoided—consumers can skip commercials, toss their mail without reading it, or use ad-blocking software. Magazine readers, on the other hand, tend to regard the advertising they see alongside the articles as part of the content.

High-quality production

Magazine publishers spend a lot of effort making sure their magazines look beautiful when they are printed. Special attention is paid to assure consistently clear, crisp images and balanced colors throughout the issue—and that includes the pages with ads. 

Lots of impressions

A magazine delivered to a household (or doctor’s office, or hair salon) is typically viewed by several people. That’s why magazines report a “readership” number as well as a circulation one. And each one of those people is likely to see your ad more than once over weeks or even months as they pick the issue up to finish an article or reread a favorite.

Drawbacks to Magazine Advertising

Not fast

Looking to get the word out, pronto? If so, the long lead time often required for magazine advertising makes this option less than ideal. In many cases, you’ll need to place your ad two to three months before the magazine reaches its readers. Other kinds of marketing—like online advertising or direct mail—can be launched on a much shorter timeframe.


Magazine advertising is typically not the most budget-friendly option. It costs money to create, print, and ship magazines—and those expenses are passed along to the advertisers.  

Hard to measure

Magazine ads don’t get clicked. And magazine readers are not always inclined to stop reading the article they’re enjoying to call you or visit your website right away. You may find it difficult to attribute a specific return-on-investment to your magazine advertising.

Magazine Advertising Is Good For...

Building brand awareness

Reaching specific or endemic audiences

Making a visual impression

Telling a longer marketing story

Reaching the same consumers repeatedly over time

Magazine Advertising on Addy

There are two types of magazine advertising opportunities on Addy

Local or regional magazines

Addy makes it easy for you to evaluate local magazine options in your market and place your ad with a few clicks. Magazine ads are available in a variety of sizes and appear in 100% of the circulation, including all copies distributed to subscribers, on newsstands, and in complementary copies. 

Local ads in national magazines

Addy offers local advertising in many of the most popular national magazines. Simply choose the local market you want to reach and pay only for exposure in the copies that reach the readers in that market. These full-page ads appear exclusively in subscriber copies.

Why Use Addy for Magazine Advertising?


Addy is the only place where you can review the rates, audience statistics, editorial calendars, ads specs and more for dozens of magazine titles all at once. 


Everyone gets the lowest magazine advertising rates on Addy—not just the big guys. No long term contracts, commitments, or negotiations required.


Your Addy Advisor is always standing by to help you figure out which magazines might be best for your marketing needs. 

Ad design help

Need your creative assets composed into a beautiful magazine ad? No problem. Addy can help you get that ad designed quickly and affordably. Here’s how it works.