Online advertising puts your message in front of your potential customers wherever they are online as they use their phones, computers, or tablets.

Advantages of Online Advertising

Quick start

In a hurry? You can get your ad out in the digital world pretty quickly. Online advertising doesn’t depend on lengthy print production processes like magazine advertising, so once you have your ad designed your campaign can begin running right away.

Measurable results

Since an online ad is only delivered when a person is actually looking at a screen, you’ll know exactly how many people saw your ad, and exactly how many of them were motivated by the ad to click and visit your website.


There is an enormous supply of online ad inventory available at any time (think of all the websites and apps you see with ads on them), which results in online ads being more affordable than other forms of advertising. Even with a small budget, you can get your message in front of a lot of people.

Targeted audiences

Online advertising allows you to market exclusively to people who are most likely to be your prospective customers, based on their online behavior: what they’ve searched for, websites they’ve visited, whether they’ve clicked on other ads like yours, etc.

Flexible messaging

Because online marketing is affordable and easily adjusted, you can test several messages to see which approach is most effective with your customers. And if your goal is to reach multiple types of audiences, it's easy to adjust your campaigns accordingly, each with a unique message. Other types of marketing, such as magazine advertising are less flexible.

Drawbacks of Online Advertising

Audience distraction

Online ads are not always well integrated into the online experience for users, so sometimes these types of ads can be easy to ignore or overlook.

Can be blocked

The increasing use of ad-blocking software means that some of your target customers, who have elected to enjoy their browsing experience without ads, won’t be reachable with online advertising.

Brand control

Online advertising uses algorithms to determine who will see your message and where, so your ad might appear on websites and apps that may not be consistent with your brand. For example, an ad for your elite culinary school may be shown to a prospective student on a professional sports-oriented app. If brand-building is the goal of your campaign, online advertising may be a less-than-optimal choice.

Experience required

Online campaigns require a certain level of skill and experience to execute successfully. Running an efficient online campaign is a process of adjusting daily budgets and bidding against other advertisers to determine whose ad will be shown more frequently. Marketers without experience may find the process overwhelming; options like magazine advertising or direct mail are more straightforward.

Single viewership

Unlike other kinds of advertising—like magazines or television, for example—online ads typically just reach one person at a time. In addition, once your online ad campaign is complete there is no residual viewership, as opposed to media like magazines or direct mail which may continue to remain in the home for weeks or months.

Online Advertising Is Good For…

Bringing people to your website

Marketing with a small budget

Advertising with a clear call to action

Reaching very specific audiences

Testing different marketing messages

What Kind of Online Advertising Does Addy Offer?

There are two main types of online advertising. Many people are familiar with contextual advertising, where you choose a certain website and advertise on it to reach that website’s audience. The other popular option is programmatic or audience-targeted advertising, where your ad is delivered to specific people based on their online behavior. Addy offers audience-targeted advertising powered by Google Ads.

Google is constantly analyzing billions of signals and data points to determine the behavior of people who may be interested in the types of products and services you sell. Based on the websites they visit, the types of things they search for, and how they respond to ads like yours, Google is able to identify your ideal customer when they are online and show your ads just to people that match that profile.

Why Use Addy for Online Advertising?

Managed campaigns

Managing a Google Ads campaign takes a lot of time and effort: Addy handles that for you. Just choose the consumer type you want to reach, the local area where you want to reach them, and how many times you want your ad to be shown: Addy will manage the rest and ensure that your campaign happens on time and on budget.

Guaranteed campaigns

Google Ads campaigns require constant adjustments of bids and daily budgets to meet impression targets. With Addy, you are guaranteed to get the number of impressions you bought in the timeframe that you selected.

Simple analytics

Addy provides a clear dashboard that lets you track the performance of your campaign right from your Addy account.


Your Addy Advisor is always standing by to answer your questions and help you figure out how to make the most of your online advertising campaign.

Ad design help

Need your creative assets composed into an effective online message? No problem. Addy can help you get that ad designed quickly and affordably. Here’s how it works.

Online Creative Best Practices

File Size

Keep your file size as light as possible to decrease load time as consumers react to mobile ads within 400 milliseconds


Banners with product images improve CTR by 21% and Visitation Rate by 46%


Banners with less than 5 words improve CTR by 17% and Visitation Rate by 31%


Adding a subtle GIF animation improves CTR performance by 25% and Visitation Rate by 2x2