Advertising on local television can be an exciting and effective option, but many small businesses assume that creating a TV commercial is too expensive and overwhelming. Good news! Addy can create your TV commercial for just $350, using design elements that you probably already have on hand.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Once you’ve selected the television ad campaign you’d like to run in the market of your choice, add “Addy Design Services” to your cart before checking out. Our design team will reach out to you to kick things off.

  • Your first step: select the style of TV commercial that will work best for your message. (Click here to check out the dozens of templates Addy has for you to choose from.) The design team will use this template as the “bones” of your ad.

  • The templates are just a starting point—our design team will customize things like fonts, colors, and music to suit your needs.

  • Next we’ll incorporate your design elements: logo, photos, illustrations, or video clips. Finally, we’ll add the text that you’d like to use.

  • Each template comes with a choice of sound or music. You can even add a voiceover for just $99!


Once your TV commercial is designed, it belongs to you! Want to use it somewhere else? Simply download it from your Addy account.

A few tips from the Addy design team:

Start with a clear message.

Let us know what you’re trying to accomplish with your 30-second ad! The most effective TV commercials are created with a defined mission in mind.

Make sure your style matches your strategy.

Some Addy templates have room for more text, and may work for providing information about a special event, for example. Others are focused almost entirely on imagery and might be your choice for conveying a brand aesthetic.

Use high-quality images.

Crisp, high-quality photos or illustrations will look best on a TV screen. This is the time to bring out the best images that you have on hand.

Embrace brevity.

A 30-second TV commercial is not the right media to try to tell a longer story (for that, consider magazine advertising or direct mail). Addy’s commercial templates will help you keep your written message clear and direct—which will make your ad more effective.

Still have questions about TV commercial design on Addy? Our design team is happy to help. Drop us an email and we’ll be in touch!