Addy Ad Specifications: Magazine Full Page #4

Addy uses universal ad specifications to allow you to run your ad in as many magazines as possible.

Magazine Full Page #4

Magazine Full Page #4 spec image
Live Area
6.75" x 9.75"
Set inside and outside margin to .8 and top and bottom to 1.4" and keep ALL live matter within the margins. Any elements that should not be cut off in the trimming process must be within the live area.
Document Size (Includes bleed)
9.5" x 11.25"
This is the excess image area that must pass the trim dimensions to ensure your image will flow over all sides.

If you would like to view the specific trim line for your publication to use as a reference only as to where your ad will trim in publication you can click here. However please be sure to set your document to the bleed dimension listed above.

We recommend using InDesign to create your ad.

You can download a pre-set InDesign template above.

Note: We will not be able to accept files with trim lines, please do not include in your document setup.


Ensure all images and artwork are CMYK and 300 dpi in resolution.

Select PDF/X1a in the Adobe PDF pre-set dropdown.

Select Acrobat 4.0 in the compatibility dropdown.

Do not include cropmarks or trim lines.


300 DPI





These specifications can be used for the following magazines:

Chicago Woman, Seventeen Magazine, Woman's Day