Want to know more about Addy, and how we can help you reach your marketing goals? We asked CEO Ben Bilbrough to talk about what makes Addy so useful for small businesses, and how users can make the most of their Addy experience.

What problem does Addy solve for small businesses?

Marketing is a frustrating process for a lot of small businesses. There are hundreds of advertising options in a typical U.S. city, and no easy way to determine which might be right for your business. We created Addy to give companies an easy way to evaluate and buy advertising.

Addy brings all kinds of advertising options to a self-serve online store, makes it easy to find the ones that reach specific audiences in your area, and then makes them all simple to buy and—most importantly—makes them affordable for even the smallest marketing teams. We’ve empowered thousands of small businesses across the country to take control of their marketing efforts, and we love it when we hear that we’re helping them succeed.”

What advice would you give a marketer who has just discovered Addy?

Before you dive into exploring all the exciting advertising options on Addy, take a moment to think about what you actually want to achieve with your marketing. Are you trying to build awareness of your company with future customers? Are you looking for some new customers (pronto!) or do you want to tell your existing clients about what’s new with your business? Not every media type is right for every marketing objective.

Addy has no affiliation with any of the media we offer, so we are not afraid to share all the pros and the cons of the different types of products you’ll find on the website. You might start by reading up on the ins and outs of magazine advertising, or explore direct mail marketing. If you think you want to try online advertising, read up on why it may or may not be good choice for your marketing goals. Television advertising is a terrific option for some companies, and not for others; ditto out-of-home campaigns.

Our Find Your People Tool is another great place to get started. Just answer just a few quick questions about who your target audience is and where they are located, and Addy will recommend a variety of marketing options to help you get your message to those people.

Any recommendations for getting the most out of your Addy experience?

Take advantage of your
Addy Advisor! While we designed Addy to empower DIY marketers to be entirely self-sufficient, we have an experienced team standing by to answer questions and share advice whenever you need it.

Also, we’re always looking for feedback from Addy users. Have a suggestion for how we can improve a process on the site, or is there an advertising option you’d like to see on Addy? Let us know. We’re all about making advertising easier and better for you!

What can users expect from Addy in the future?

We’re just getting started! We continue to add new kinds of media—we recently added
digital out-of-home, which is a really cool option for companies to explore—and we’ve got other types of media coming up soon. Addy won’t ever stop innovating and adapting because the advertising world is constantly changing, and we want companies to have access to all the good stuff.

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